Mexicans o American strynd

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Unitit States U.S. Immigration in Mexico Mexico
Inmigración estadounidense en México
Tot population
(738,103 (2010)
0.7% o Mexico's population[1])
Mexican Spaingie, American Inglis
Mormon, Protestant, Catholic

Americans are a significant demografic in Mexico. Ower 75% o Mexican immigrants are estimatit tae come frae the Unitit States, an Mexico hosts the lairgest nummer o US emigrants. Maist commonly, American immigrants are childer o naitural-born Mexicans. When parents are deportit tae Mexico, childer who wur born on the ither side are claimit bi the govrenment o the Unitit States. Mexico recognisit as ceetizens o those Mexican states o New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Californie an Nevada left ower frae the U.S. side efter the Treaty o Guadalupe - Hidalgo tae pertect thair property, ferms an ranches but thay haed tae adopt a new naitionality (such deceased, really vera few descendants hae decidit te regain thair Mexican naitionality). Mony o its members hae dual naitionality, an amang them are entrepreneurs, businessmen, showbiz fowk (actors, actresses, muisickers), releegious meenisters, academics, students an ithers. Thay retain customs such as Thanksgiving Day, the Unthirldom Day o the Unitit States (4 Julie) an/or jazz concerts in some Mexican ceeties.[2]

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The first American dounset in Mexico wis the entry o Americans (maistly o European strynd) as traders in Californie (at the time, the State o Californie wis includit as ane Mexican state), Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, an Texas – which wur ance unner Mexican rule – but suin as permanent settlers. When these settlers revoltit against Mexico in 1846 mony Americans who marriet Mexicans migratit tae the rest o Mexico. Efter the turn o the 19t century till the present mony American settlers, maistly frae the Guwf States, entered Mexico tae dae business. Recent American settlers include African Americans, Asie Americans, an Arab Americans an aw wi some Hispanic Americans o ither oreegins (especially Puerto Ricans as thay are native-born U.S. ceetizens) an Paceefic Islander Americans (ane example bein the actress Tongolele). Ane kent Mexican o U.S. or Anglo American ancestry is umwhile preses Vicente Fox whose great-grandfaither, reportitly o German American ancestry, left Cincinnati for Mexico in the 1860s efter the American Ceevil War. A substantial nummer o umwhile Confederates fled tae Mexico frae the defeatit Confederate States o Americae durin the Reconstruction era.[3]

Leid[eedit | eedit soorce]

Maist Mexicans o American strynd speak Inglis an Spaingie, either o which can be that body's first leid. The latter is normally spoken in the Mexican dialect.

Releegion[eedit | eedit soorce]

Maist Mexicans o American strynd are Christians, either Catholic, Protestant, or Latter-day Saunts (kent as "Mormons" an aw). Thare are at least 1.2 million Latter-day Saints in Mexico [4]— housomeivver, these nummers include ethnic Mexicans as well as American Mexicans. Mony Mexican Latter-day Saunts o American strynd reside in the Mormon colonies in Mexico, whaur some American Latter-day Saunts settled in the late 19t century. Some o these American Mexicans or thair descendants hae returned tae the Unitit States syne, includin kirk leader Marion G. Romney, politeecian George W. Romney, an chemist Henry Eyring. Latter-day Saint Americans o American Mexican strynd include politeecian Mitt Romney an kirk leader Henry B. Eyring, who are the sons o George W. Romney an Henry Eyring respectively.

Thare haes been a sma migration o American Jews intae Mexico, a minority mey hae Mexican Jewish ancestry descendit frae the Sephardic population frae Spain in the late 16t century.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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