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Mestiso 1770.jpg
A casta pentin o a Spainyie man an a Peruvian indigenous woman wi Mestizo bairn, 1770.
Regions wi signeeficant populations
Laitin Americae
Unitit States
Cape Verde
Predominantly Spaingie, Portuguese, Inglis an Papiamento
Predominantly Christianity (Roman Catholic, Protestant especially Pentecostal an Evangelical), Atheists.
Relatit ethnic groups
Amerindian fowks
European fowks

Mestizo (Peninsular Spaingie: [mesˈtiθo], Laitin American Spaingie: [mesˈtiso]) is a term tradeetionally uised in Spain an Spaingie Americae tae mean a person o combined European an Amerindian strynd, or someane wha would hae been deemed a Castizo (ane European parent an ane Mestizo parent) regairdless if the person wis born in Laitin Americae or elsewhaur.