Messier 87

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Messier 87
Messier 87 Hubble WikiSky.jpg
The galactic core o Messier 87 as seen bi the Hubble Space Telescope wi its blue plasma jet clearly veesible (composite eemage o observations in veesible an infrareid licht)
Observation data (J2000 epoch)
Richt ascension12h 30m 49.42338s[1]
Declination+12° 23′ 28.0439″[1]
Helio radial velocity1284[2]
Distance53.5 ± 1.63 Mly (16.40 ± 0.50 Mpc)[3]
TeepE+0-1 pec, NLRG Sy[4]
Apparent magnitude (V)7.19[5]
Ither designations
Virgo A, Virgo X-1, NGC 4486, UGC 7654, PGC 41361, VCC 1316, Arp 152, 3C 274,[4] 3U 1228+12.[6]
See an aa: Galaxy, Leet o galaxies

Messier 87 (an aw kent as Virgo A or NGC 4486, generally abbreviatit tae M87) is a supergiant elliptical galaxy in the constellation Virgo.

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Coordinates: Sky map 12h 30m 49.4s, +12° 23′ 28″