Mercury-arc rectifier

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A schematic o a gless envelope mercury arc rectifier. Glass envelope rectifiers war rated up tae several hunder amperes an uised up tae aboot 1,000 volts

A Mercury-arc rectifier[1] is a teep o electrical rectifier uised for converting alternatin current (AC) intae direct current (DC). The cathode is made frae a pool o liquid mercury. Mercury-arc rectifiers war rugged an lang-lived, an coud cairy higher currents than maist ither types o rectifier.

Invented in 1902 bi Peter Cooper Hewitt, mercury-arc rectifiers war uised tae provide power for industrial motors, electric railweys, trams, an electric locomotives, as well as for radio transmitters an for high-voltage direct current (HVDC) power transmission. Thay war the primary method o high power rectification afore the advent o semiconductor rectifiers, sic as diodes, thyristors an gate turn-off thyristors (GTOs) in the 1970s. Thir solit state rectifiers hae syne replaced mercury-arc rectifiers.

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