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The Beehives' Land
The Beehives' Land
Melissia is located in Greece
Location athin Athens
Dimos Melission.png
Coordinates: 38°3′N 23°50′E / 38.050°N 23.833°E / 38.050; 23.833Coordinates: 38°3′N 23°50′E / 38.050°N 23.833°E / 38.050; 23.833
Admeenistrative regionAttica
Regional unitNorth Athens
 • Municipal unit3.956 km2 (1.527 sq mi)
290 m (950 ft)
 • Municipal unit
 • Municipal unit density4,900/km2 (13,000/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)
Postal code
151 xx
Aurie code(s)210
Vehicle registrationZ

Melissia (Greek: Μελίσσια), is a suburb in the northeastren pairt o Athens, Greece. The oreegin o the name comes frae its beehives. Syne the 2011 local govrenment reform it is pairt o the municipality Penteli, o which it is the seat an a municipal unit.[2]

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Melissia wis first widely populatit bi Greek refugees comin frae Asie Minor efter thair persecution bi Turkis forces in 1922, an the region wis renouned for its halthy climate, full o sanitariums for those who suffered frae tuberculosis. Melissia is accessed bi Attiki Odos (nummer 6) tae the sooth, Kifissias Avenue tae the wast an Pentelis Avenue (the road tae Penteliko Muntain) tae the east. This municipality sits on the ruits o Penteliko Muntain; the Athenian plain lees tae the soothwast. Its main streets are A. Papandreou Avenue leadin tae the sooth Vrilissia, K. Karamanlis Street leadin tae Kifissia, an Dimokratias Avenue leadin tae Amarousion.

The aurie aroond Melissia is made up o residential auries, except pairts o Nea Penteli an the northren pairt, which are made up o forests. A majority o the forests on the back side o Penteli Muntain (no the side o the muntain facin Melissia), as well as pairt o the forest on the side facin Melissia wur destroyed bi the devastatin fires in late August 2007.

Till the early 1940s, Melissia wis maistly uninhabitit. The aurie wis uised mainly for beekeepin (frae whaur it got its name). In the same era, twa Sanatoriums whaur operatin in the aurie. The first indwallers arrivit in Melissia in the early 1940s an consistit mainly o Greek refuges frae Pontus an Anatolie. Syne 1946, Melissia are an unthirlt commonty an later became an unthirlt municipality. In the beginnin o 1980's, the population growthe boomed reachin a vast 64,96%.

The day Melissia the population is mair nor 25,000. It haes sax preliminar schuils, twa heich schuils (Greek "Gymnasium"), ane lyceum, banks, a post office, a modren municipal swimmin-puil, an a few public squares (plateies).

Historical population[eedit | eedit soorce]

Melissia Main Square
Year Population
1981 8,639
1991 13,469
2001 19,526

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