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OreiginStockholm, Swaden
GenresHivy metal
Years active1999-present
LabelsFrontiers Records
Associate actsPhantom Blue
Strapping Young Lad
MembersFrida Ståhl
Laura Christine
Gene Hoglan
Michele Madden
Past membersMichelle Meldrum
Moa Holmsten
Frida Ståhl
Fredrik Haake

Meldrum is a multi-naitional hivy metal baund formit bi ex-Phantom Blue guitarist Michelle Meldrum.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

American guitarist Michelle Meldrum stairtit her first baund Wargod wi Strapping Young Lad drummer Gene Hoglan, later goin on tae form Phantom Blue, wi whom she released twa albums an an EP atween 1989 an 1993.

Meldrum wis formit in Stockholm, Swaden in late 1999 wi Hasse Sjölander on the drums, who wis later replacit bi Fredrik Haake. Thay recordit thair debut album Loaded Mental Cannon in 2000, but due tae trouble wi the record company, the album wisna released till 2001. Guest muisickers includit Brian Robertson, Marcel Jacob an John Norum, who wis Meldrum's husband an aw.

In 2005 thay toured for three month wi Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society, appearin in sauld oot venues athort the Unitit States an Europe. In the hairst o 2005 Meldrum jynt Motörhead as special guests on thair 30t anniversary tour throughoot Europe.

Thair seicont album, Blowin' Up the Machine (producit bi Toby Wright), wis released throu Frontiers in Europe on 11 Mey 2007, an in the U.S. on 11 September 2007. Motörhead's Lemmy, Gene Hoglan, an umwhile Phantom Blue drummer Linda McDonald aw guest on the album.

On 18 Mey 2008, Meldrum wis rushed tae St. Joseph's Hospital in Burbank, Californie, in creetical condeetion. Three days later, on Wadensday, 21 Mey , she dee'd as a result o a cystic growthe that haed restrictit oxygen an bluid flow tae her brain, renderin her braindeid.

Michelle haed juist completit writin an recordin Meldrum's third album Lifer wi drummer Gene Hoglan, alang wi the group's latest additions, Michele Madden (vocals) an Laura Christine (bass). The survivin baund members planned the release o the CD later in 2009 in tribute tae thair fawen bandmate.

On 26 Mey 2009, Meldrum, alang wi umwhile vocalist Moa Holmsten, pairticipatit in a memorial concert in Hollywood, Californie, for the benefit o Michelle's faimily.

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