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Meeow! / Meusaidh
Meeow! Titles with Maisie Mac
Genre Childer's Televeesion
Written bi Roland Moore, Les Brooksbank
Directit bi Les Orton
Narratit bi Stanley Baxter (Inglish)
Tony Kearney (Gaelic)
Componer(s) The Singing Kettle
Kintra o oreegin Scotland
Oreeginal leid(s) Inglis / Gaelic
No. o series 2
No. o episodes 26
Producer(s) Robin Lyons
Lenth 10 min
Production company(s) Siriol Animation
The Sleepy Kids Company Ltd
STV Productions
(Scottish Television)
Oreeginal network ITV Network (CITV)
Pictur format 4:3
Oreeginal release 5 Januar 2000 – 2002
Related shaws Maisie MacKenzie
Freemit airtins
Production wabsteid

Meeow! (Gaelic version: Meusaidh) is a Scots animatit childer's series based on the Maisie MacKenzie beuks bi Aileen Paterson, an produced simultaneously in Inglis an Gaelic versions.