Meenistry o Defence (Unitit Kinrick)

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Depairtment owerview
Formed1 Apryle 1964 (As modren depairtment)
JurisdictionUnitit Kinrick
HeidquartersMain Biggin, Whitehall, Wastmeenster, Lunnon
51°30′14″N 0°07′30″W / 51.5040°N 0.1249°W / 51.5040; -0.1249Coordinates: 51°30′14″N 0°07′30″W / 51.5040°N 0.1249°W / 51.5040; -0.1249
Employees56,860 ceevilian staff (October 2015)[1]
Annual budget£45 billion; FY 2016–17 (≈$58 billion)[2]
Meenister responsible
Depairtment executives
Child agencies

The Meenistry o Defence (MoD or MOD) is the Breetish govrenment depairtment responsible for implementin the defence policy set bi Her Majesty's Govrenment an is the heidquarters o the Breetish Airmed Forces.

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