Meenister for Weemen an Equalities

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Meenister for Weemen an Equalities
Justine Greening

since 14 Julie 2016
Govrenment Equalities Office
StyleThe Richt Honourable
AppynterElizabeth II
Inaugural holderHarriet Harman
Furmation28 Juin 2007

The post o Meenister for Weemen an Equalities (Inglis: Minister for Women and Equalities; umwhile, Meenister for Weemen, Inglis: Minister for Women) is a meenisterial poseetion in the Unitit Kinrick Govrenment Equalities Office, an independent department within the wider Depairtment for Cultur, Media an Sport that haes responsibility for addressin aw forms o discrimination, wi pairteecular emphasis on gender inequality.