Mazda Lantis

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Mazda Lantis
Mazda 323 II V6 Red.jpg
Cried an awMazda 323F
Mazda Astina
Mazda Allegro Hatchback
Mazda Artis Hatchback
Bouk an chassis
Body style5-door hatchback (Lantis/Astina)
LayootFF layoot
RelatitMazda Familia
Ingine1.5 L 87 hp Z5 I4
1.6 L 88 hp B6-D I4
1.8 L 112 hp BP I4
2.0 L 147 hp KF-DE V6
Transmission4-speed F-4EAT automatic
5-speed manual
WheelbaseHatchback: 2,450 mm (96 in)
LenthHatchback: 4,155 mm (163.6 in)
WeenthHatchback: 1,670 mm (66 in)
HichtHatchback: 1,380 mm (54 in)

The Mazda Lantis wis a series o twa caurs sauld in Japan frae 1993 tae 1996. In the rest o the warld it wis an aa kent as 323F, Astina, Allegro Hatchback or Artis Hatchback.

Summary[eedit | eedit soorce]

Mazda Lantis V6 European version (323F Astina)
Mazda Lantis V6 European version (323F Astina)

The Mazda Lantis uised Mazda's CB platform, which means close relations tae the Eunos 500/Xedos 6 an the 1994-1997 Mazda Capella. It wis a FF layoot caur wi aither a manual or automatic transmission.

Thare wur fower body variants: a 4-door sedan, twa different 3-door hatchbacks an wha Mazda cawed a "4-door coupé", which in common terminology is a 5-door hatchback.

The 5-door wis sauld as the Mazda 323F in Europe, Artis in Chile an Allegro Hatchback (HB) in Colombie an a few ither kintras o Latin Americae. This model wis penned bi Ginger (Arnold) Ostle, who wis at Porsche afore he arrived at Mazda, an sicweys some consider the 5-door tae be closely relatit tae the 4-door Panamera.

The Mazda 323F features pouer steerin, electrically adjustable mirrors, central lockin an pouer windaes. Anither noticeable featur are the frameless windaes, seemilar tae the Nissan NX.

Bi the time the caurs premiered in August 1993, Mazda's multi-brand strategy haed acome difficult tae sustain, sae baith Lantis variants wur released tae Mazda, Efini an Eunos dealerships. Sales in Japan wur lacklustre throughoot the Lantis' production run, but the 323F proved tae be immensely popular in Europe an some Latin American kintras, whaur it sauld in reasonable nummers richt till it wis discontinued.

The name Lantis is creatit frae the Latin phrase "Latens Curtis", which roughly translates as "Tae secretly shorten".

The "Astina" haes been selectit for "Jackie Chan" trophy in 1995 an 1996 Macau Grand Prix driven bi the Hong Kong actor wi racin driver sittin beside tae assist them.


Awtho the 323F lacks a badge indicatin which ingine is fittit, the V6 version is easily recognizable syne it is the ae 323F wi 5 wheelnuts per wheel.

Modification[eedit | eedit soorce]

Acause o the staundart ingines equipped thare are several possible ingine conversions a hie performance ane bein the KL-ZE 199 hp (147 kW) V6.

The 1.5 an 1.8 litre injection ingines are vera suitable tae fit an LPG installation.

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