Mazda AZ-Wagon

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A 1995 Mazda AZ-Wagon.
A 2003 Mazda AZ-Wagon.
A 2008 Mazda AZ-Wagon.

The Mazda AZ-Wagon wis a tiny station wagon based on the Suzuki Wagon R. The AZ is a reference tae Mazda's Autozam minicar marque. Thare war in tot fower generations up tae 2008. The first generation o AZ-Wagon wis introduced in Japan in 1994 as the Autozam Wagon.

The first generation o AZ-Wagon uised the same 3-cylinder 657 cc ingine as the Mazda Carol,an the turbo wis optional as wis all-wheel drive. The new 658 cc DOHC or SOHC ingine replaced the aulder SOHC 657 cc in 1995. The design wis refreshed in 2001.