Mayan leids

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Mesoamericae: Soothren Mexico; Guatemala; Belize; wastern Honduras an El Salvador; smaa refugee an emigrant populations, especially in the Unitit States an Canadae
Lingueestic clessificationAne o the warld's primary leid faimilies
ISO 639-2 / 5myn
Location o Mayan speakin populations.

The Mayan leids[notes 1] form a leid faimily spoken in Mesoamericae and northren Central Americae.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. In lingueestics, it is conventional tae uise Mayan when referrin tae the leids, or an aspect o a leid. In ither academic fields, Maya is the preferred uisage, servin as baith a singular an plural noun, and as the adjectival form.
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