Maximilian III Joseph, Elector o Bavarie

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Maximilian III Joseph
Maximilian III Joseph of Bavaria by Georges Desmarées.jpg
Portrait bi Georg Desmarées
Elector o Bavarie
PredecessorCharles Albert
SuccessorCharles Theodore
Born28 Mairch 1727(1727-03-28)
Dee'd30 December 1777(1777-12-30) (aged 50)
BuirialTheatiner Kirk, Munich
SpousePrincess Maria Anna Sophia o Saxony
HooseHoose o Wittelsbach
FaitherCharles VII, Haly Roman Emperor
MitherMaria Amalie o Austrick
Coat of Arms of the Electorate of Bavaria 1753.svg

Maximilian III Joseph, Elector o Bavarie (28 Mairch 1727 – 30 December 1777) wis a Prince-elector o the Haly Roman Empire an Duke o Bavarie frae 1745 tae 1777. Maximilian III Joseph ordered in 1751 François de Cuvilliés tae big the splendid rococo Cuvilliés Theatre an in 1755 the Stone Hall o Nymphenburg Pailace. He aa ordered tae decorate some rooms o the New Schleissheim Pailace in rococo style. He wis aa a patron o Mozart.

Mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

On ure 9 Julie 1747 Maximilian III Joseph mairit Princess Maria Anna Sophia o Saxony. Dochter o Augustus III o Poland an his wife Maria Josepha o Austrick. Maria Anna Sophia wis a sister o the Queen o Naples an Sicily an the Dauphine Marie Josèphe o Fraunce (mither o Louis XVI) The cxouple haed nae issue.

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