Max Horkheimer

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Max Horkheimer
Max Horkheimer.jpg
Horkheimer in Heidelberg in 1964
Born 14 Februar 1895(1895-02-14)
Zuffenhausen (nou Stuttgart), Württemberg, Germany
Died 7 Julie 1973(1973-07-07) (aged 78)
Nuremberg, Bavarie, Germany
Naitionality German, American
Era 20t century filosofie
Region Wastren filosofie
Schuil Continental filosofie, Frankfurt Schuil creetical theory, Wastren Marxism
Notable ideas
Creetical theory as opponed tae tradeetional theory, cultur industry, authoritarian personality, eclipse o raison, critique o instrumental raison

Max Horkheimer (German: [ˈhɔɐ̯kˌhaɪmɐ]; 14 Februar 1895 – 7 Julie 1973) wis a German filosofer an sociologist that wis famous for his wark in creetical theory as a member o the 'Frankfurt Schuil' o social resairch.

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