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Maurice Wilkins
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Maurice Wilkins wi ane o the cameras he developed specially for X-ray diffraction studies at King's College London[1]
Born Maurice Hugh Frederick Wilkins
15 December 1916(1916-12-15)
Pongaroa, Wairarapa,
New Zealand
Died 5 October 2004(2004-10-05) (aged 87)
Blackheath, Lunnon
Alma mater St John's College, Cambridge
University o Birmingham
Kent for X-ray diffraction, DNA
Scientific career
Fields Pheesics, Molecular biology
Institutions King's College London
The University o Birmingham
University o Californie, Berkeley
University o St Aundras

Maurice Hugh Frederick Wilkins CBE FRS (15 December 1916 – 5 October 2004)[2] wis a New Zealand-born Breetish pheesicist an molecular biologist, an Nobel laureate whase resairch contreibutit tae the scienteefic unnerstaundin o phosphorescence, isotope separation, optical microscopy an X-ray diffraction, an tae the development o radar.

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