Matthew Stewart, 4t Yerl o Lennox

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Matthew Stewart
4t Yerl o Lennox
Memorial to Darnley.jpg
Matthew Stewart, his wife Margaret, thair son Charles an grandson James mourn thair son Henry
Born21 September 1516(1516-09-21)
Dumbairton Castle
Dee'd4 September 1571(1571-09-04) (aged 54)
Stirling Castle
Noble faimilyStewart o Darnley
Spoose(s)Lady Margaret Douglas
FaitherJohn Stewart, 3rd Yerl o Lennox
MitherLeddy Elizabeth Stewart

Matthew Stewart, 4t Yerl o Lennox [1] (21 September 1516 – 4 September 1571) wis the fowert Yerl o Lennox, an a leader o the Catholic nobility in Scotland.

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Peerage o Scotland
Precedit bi
John Stewart
Yerl o Lennox
Succeedit bi
Keeng James VI
(merged wi the Croun)