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Mary Stewart, Coontess o Arran

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Mary Stewart
Princess o Scotland; Coontess o Arran; Leddy Hamilton
Born13 Mey 1453
Stirling Castle, Scotland
Dee'dMey 1488 (aged 35)
SpouseThomas Boyd, 1st Yerl o Arran
James Hamilton, 1st Laird Hamilton
IssueMargaret Boyd
James Boyd, 2nt Laird Boyd o Kilmarnock
James Hamilton, 1st Yerl o Arran
Elizabeth Hamilton, Coontess o Lennox
Robert Hamilton, Seigneur d'Aubigny
HooseHoose o Stewart
FaitherKeeng James II o Scotland
MitherMary o Guelders

Mary Stewart, Coontess o Arran (13 Mey 1453 – Mey 1488)[1] wis the eldest dauchter o King James II o Scotland an Mary o Guelders.

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