Mary Seacole

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Mary Seacole
Seacole - Challen.jpg
A portrait o Seacole, c. 1869, bi Albert Charles Challen.[1][2]
Born Mary Jane Grant
Kingston, Jamaica
Died 14 Mey 1881 (aged 75)
Paddington, Lunnon, Ingland
Ither names Mither Seacole
Citizenship Breetish
Thrift nurse, hotelier, boardin hoose keeper, author, warld traiveller
Kent for Assistance tae sick an woundit militar personnel in Crimean War
Honours Order o Merit (Jamaica)

Mary Jane Seacole OM (née Grant;[3][4] 1805 – 14 Mey 1881) wis a Jamaican business wumman an nurse wha set up the British Hotel behind the lines in the Crimean War.

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