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For the caipital o this province, see Khojavend (toun); for the toun in Gegharkunik province, Armenie, see Martuni, Armenie; for the veelage in Shamkir Rayon, Azerbaijan, see Martuni, Azerbaijan; for the rayon o NKAO, see Martuni Rayon (NKAO).
Location of Martuni
Capital Martuni
 • Total 951 km2 (367 sq mi)
Aurie rank Rankit 6t
Population (2005)
 • Tot 23,157
 • Rank Rankit 2nt
 • Density 24/km2 (63/sq mi)

Martuni (Armenie: Մարտունի) is a province o the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. It consists o the branch o Nagorno-Karabakh which juts oot farthest tae the east, amaist reaches Stepanakert on the wast, an goes a little past Karmir Shuka on the sooth. The wastren hauf haes mony hills an sma muntains, full o sma veelages, while the eastren hauf is vera flat, wi fewer veelages, an the lairger regional centre o Martuni. The farthest pairts tae the east remain unner the control o Azerbaijan. Historically, this aurie wis kent as Myus Haband an Varand an aw.

In 1991 the parliament o Azerbaijan abolished Martuni province, incorporatin its territory intae the neebourin Azerbaijani rayon o Khojavend.

Steids o Interest[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Aghchekaberd, the "Fortress o the Young Girl" (Աղջկաբերդ in Armenie)
  • Toun o Martuni
  • 2,000-year-auld plain tree near the veelage o Sekhtorashen (Սխտորաշէն in Armenie)
  • Nahataki Berd, "Martyr's Fortress" (Նահատակի Բերդ in Armenie)
  • Amaras Monastery, ane o the auldest monasteries in Greater Armenie

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