Martini (cocktail)

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Dry Martini
IBA offeecial cocktail
The martini is ane o the maist widely kent cocktails
Primar alcohol bi vollum
ServedUp (or on the rocks)
Staundart gairnishOlive or leemon twist
Staundart drinkware
Cocktail Glass (Martini).svg
Cocktail gless
IBA specified
PreparationStraicht: Poor aw ingredients intae mixin gless wi ice cubes. Steer well. Strain intae chilled martini cocktail gless. Squeeze ile frae leemon peel ontae the drink, or gairnish wi olive.
TiminAfore dinner
dagger Dry Martini recipe at International Bartenders Association

The martini is a cocktail made wi gin an vermouth, an gairnished wi an olive or a leemon twist.