Martin Niemöller

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Martin Niemöller
Martin Niemöller (1952).jpg
Niemöller at The Hague's Grote of Sint-Jacobskerk in May 1952.
Born Friedrich Gustav Emil Martin Niemöller
14 Januar 1892
Lippstadt, German Empire
Died 6 Mairch 1984(1984-03-06) (aged 92)
Wiesbaden, Wast Germany
Kirk Evangelical Kirk o the auld-Proushie Union
Confessional Kirk
Protestant Kirk in Hesse an Nassau
Evangelical Kirk in Germany
Writins First thay came ...
Congregations served
St. Anne's in Dahlem, Germany
Offices held
President, Evangelical Kirk in Hesse an Nassau (1945–1961)
Preses, Warld Cooncil o Kirks (1961–1968)
Teetle Ordained pastor

Friedrich Gustav Emil Martin Niemöller (German: [ˈniːmœlɐ]; 14 Januar 1892 – 6 Mairch 1984) wis a German anti-Nazi theologian[1] an Lutheran pastor. He is best kent for his statement, "First thay came for the Socialists, an I didna speak oot acause I wisna a Socialist ...... an thare wis na ane left tae speak for me."

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