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Douglas family memorials at Cummertrees Parish Kirk.

Marquess o Queensberry (aften erroneously spelled, efter the French, as the Marquis o Queensbury, Marquis de Queensbury, Marquis o Queensberry, Marquis de Queensberry, Marquess o Queensbury) is a title in the peerage o Scotland. The title haes been held since its creation in 1682 bi a member o the Douglas family. The Marquesses an aa held the title o Duke o Queensberry frae 1684 tae 1810, when it wis inheritit bi the Duke o Buccleuch.

The Queensberry Monument Dumfries

The feudal title Baron Drumlanrig wis creatit for William Douglas, illegitimate son o James Douglas, 2nt Earl o Douglas, some time afore 1427, when he dee'd. His descendant the 9t Baron Drumlanrig wis creatit the 1st Earl o Queensberry in 1633.

The subsidiary titles o Lord Queensberry are: Earl o Queensberry (created 1633), Viscoont Drumlanrig (1628) an Lord Douglas o Hawick an Tibbers (1628), aw in the peerage o Scotland. He is an' a' a Scots Baronet, styled "o Kelhead", creatit 26 Februar 1668, so the 6t Marquess wis the 5t Baronet. The courtesy title uised bi Lord Queensberry's eldest son an heir is Viscoont Drumlanrig. There is nae special courtesy title for Lord Drumlanrig's eldest son an heir.

The 9t Marquess is particularly well-kent acause o the rules of boxin that wur named efter him (the Marquess o Queensberry rules), an for his litigious interaction wi Oscar Wilde.

In 22 Juin 1893, Queen Victoria raised Francis Archibald Douglas, the heir o the 9t Marquess, tae the peerage o the Unitit Kinrick as Baron Kelhead. Francis Douglas dee'd athoot descendants the following year and the title "Baron Kelhead" became extinct.

Barons Drumlanrig[eedit | eedit soorce]

Earls o Queensberry (1633)[eedit | eedit soorce]

Marquesses (an Dukes) o Queensberry (1682 (1684))[eedit | eedit soorce]

Marquesses o Queensberry frae 1810 (cont. 1682)[eedit | eedit soorce]

The heir apparent is the present haulder's son Sholto Francis Guy Douglas, Viscoont Drumlanrig (b. 1967).
The heir apparent's heir presumptive is his brither Lord Torquil Oberon Tobias Douglas (b. 1978).

Baronets, o Kelhead (26 Februar 1668)[eedit | eedit soorce]

See Douglas Baronets

See abuin for further succession

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