Mark Shuttleworth

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Mark Shuttleworth
Mark Shuttleworth (2009).jpg
Shuttleworth at the Ubuntu Party in Paris, Fraunce in November 2009
BornMark Richard Shuttleworth
(1973-09-18) 18 September 1973 (age 49)
Welkom, Free State, Sooth Africae
NaitionalitySooth African / Breetish
Net wirth£160 million (2015)[1]
Space Adventures Tourist
Time in space
9d 21h 25m
MissionsSoyuz TM-34/TM-33
Mission insignia
Soyuz TM-34 logo.png

Mark Richard Shuttleworth (born 18 September 1973) is a Sooth African entrepreneur an space tourist[2][3][4] wha acame the first ceetizen o an independent African kintra tae traivel tae space.[5] Shuttleworth fundit an foondit Canonical Ltd. in 2004 an as o 2013, provides leadership for the Ubuntu operatin seestem.[6] He currently lives on the Isle o Man[7] an haulds dual ceetizenship o Sooth Africae an the Unitit Kinrick.[8]

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