Marjorie Bruce

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Marjorie Bruce
Princess o Scotland
Marjory Bruce 'tomb'.jpg
Marjorie Bruce's sarcophagus-effigy at Paisley Aibey, whaur she wis buiried
Born 1296/7
Died 2 Mairch 1316 (aged 19–20)
Burial Paisley Aibey
Spoose Walter Stewart, 6t Heich Stewart o Scotland
Issue Robert II o Scotland
Hoose Bruce
Faither Robert I o Scotland
Mither Isabella o Mar
Releegion Roman Catholic

Marjorie Bruce or Marjorie de Brus (1296/7 – 2 Mairch 1316) wis the eldest dauchter o Robert the Bruce, Keeng o Scots bi his first wife, Isabella o Mar. Her mairiage tae Walter, Heich Stewart o Scotland gae rise tae the House o Stewart.