Marjorie, Coontess o Carrick

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Marjorie o Carrick
suo jure Coontess o Carrick
Bornc. 1253 or 1256
Dee'dshortly before 9 November 1292
Noble faimilyClan MacDuff (by marriage)
Hoose o Bruce (bi mairiage)
Spoose(s)Adam o Kilconquhar
Robert de Brus, 6th Laird o Annandale
FaitherNiall, Yerl o Carrick
MitherMargaret Stewart

Marjorie o Carrick (an aa Margaret; c. 1253 or 1256 – soon bef. 9 November 1292) wis Coontess o Carrick, Scotland, frae 1256 tae 1292, an is notable as the mither o Robert the Bruce.

Precedit bi
Coontess o Carrick
Succeedit bi