Mariinsky Theatre

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Mariinsky Theatre
File:Mariinsky Theatre Logo.png
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Address 1 Theatre Squerr
Saunt Petersburg
Appent 2 October 1860
Years active 1860-present
Airchitect Alberto Cavos
Mariinsky Ballet
Mariinsky Opera
Mariinsky Orchestra

The Mariinsky Theatre (Roushie: Мариинский театр, Mariinskiy Teatr, an aa spelled Maryinsky, Mariyinsky) is a heestoric theatre o opera an ballet in Saunt Petersburg, Roushie. Opened in 1860, it acame the preeminent muisic theatre o late 19t century Roushie, whaur mony o the stage masterpieces o Tchaikovsky, Mussorgsky, an Rimsky-Korsakov received thair premieres.

Coordinates: 59°55′32″N 30°17′46″E / 59.92556°N 30.29611°E / 59.92556; 30.29611