Marie o Proushie

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Marie o Proushie
Marie, Queen of Bavaria.jpg
Queen Marie in 1843 bi Joseph Karl Stieler.
Queen consort o Bavarie
Tenur28 Mairch 1848 – 10 Mairch 1864
Born15 October 1825(1825-10-15)
Berlin Ceety Pailace, Proushie
Dee'd17 Mey 1889(1889-05-17) (aged 63)
Hohenschwangau Castle, Bavarie
BuirialTheatine Kirk
SpouseMaximilian II o Bavarie
IssueLudwig II, Keeng o Bavarie
Otto I, Keeng o Bavarie
Full name
Marie Friederike Franziska Hedwig
FaitherPrince Wilhelm o Proushie
MitherMaria Anna o Hesse-Homburg
ReleegionEvangelical Christian Kirk, later Roman Catholicism
Coat of Arms of Marie of Prussia, Queen of Bavaria (Order of Maria Luisa).svg

Princess Marie o Proushie (Marie Friederike Franziska Hedwig; October 15 1825 – Mey 17 1889) wis a Queen consort o Bavarie an the mither o Kings Ludwig II an Otto o Bavarie.

Mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

On On 12 October 1842, Princess Marie she mairit the Maxilian, Croun Prince o Bavarie, an later King o Bavarie as Maximilian II.

Issue[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Ludwig II o Bavarie (25 August 1845 – 13 Juin 1886) niver mairit an died in suspicious circumstances.
  2. Otto o Bavarie (27 Aprile 1848 – 11 October 1916) niver mairit an haed nae issue

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