Marie o Lorraine, Duchess o Guise

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Marie o Lorraine
Duchess o Guise
1656 engraving of Marie of Lorraine, Duchess of Guise (Balthazar Moncornet).jpg
Full name
Marie de Lorraine
Born15 August 1615(1615-08-15)
Hôtel de Guise, Paris, Fraunce
Dee'd3 Mairch 1688(1688-03-03) (aged 72)
Hôtel de Guise, Paris, France
FaitherCharles o Lorraine
MitherHenriette Catherine de Joyeuse

Marie o Lorraine, Duchess o Guise She wis the last member o the Hoose o Guise which wis a cadet branch o the Hoose o Lorraine. In 1671 her nephew Louis Joseph o Lorraine, Duke o Guise Marie would become the guardian o his son François Joseph o Lorraine, Duke o Guise. But her guardianship was short-lived. The little boy died in 1675, an Marie inherited Guise an wis Duchess o Guise in her own right. She owned the Hôtel de Guise which would later become the Hôtel de Soubise as home o the Prince o Soubise. She wis also kent as Marie de Guise. She wis also a cousin o Marie de Bourbon, Duchess o Montpensier (first wife o Gaston o Fraunce an mither o La Grande Mademoiselle)

Titles an styles[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • 15 August 1615 – 16 Mairch 1675 Mademoiselle de Guise.
  • 16 Mairch 1675 – 3 Mairch 1688 Mademoiselle Marie de Lorraine, Duchess o Guise, Peer o Fraunce, Princess o Joinville, hereditary seneschal of Champagne.

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