Marie Élisabeth o Fraunce

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Marie Élisabeth o Fraunce
Marie Elisabeth de Valois Clouet.jpg
Portrait painted ca. 1577/78.
Born 27 October 1572
Palais du Louvre, Paris
Dee'd 2 Apryle 1578(1578-04-02) (aged 5)
Hôtel d’Anjou, Paris
Buirial 10 Aprile 1578
Basilica o St Denis, Paris, Fraunce
Full name
Marie Élisabeth de France
Hoose Valois (Angoulême branch)
Faither Charles IX o Fraunce
Mither Elisabeth o Austrick
Releegion Roman Catholicism
Crown of a Royal Prince of the Blood of France (variant).svg

Marie Élisabeth o Fraunce (27 October 1572 – 2 Apryle 1578) wis the anly child o Keeng Charles IX o Fraunce an Elisabeth o Austrick. Aa a result she wis a member o the Hoose o Valois. Her maternal grandfaither wis Maximilian II, Haly Roman Emperor. Her faither's parents were Henry II o Fraunce an his wife Catherine de' Medici. She wis buried at the Basilica o St Denis on 10 Aprile 1578 but her grave wis destroyed in in the French Revolution. 1817 she wis reinterred in the Basilica's Ossuary.