Marie Bonaparte

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Marie Bonaparte
Princess George o Greece an Denmark
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Born2 Julie 1882(1882-07-02)
Saint-Cloud, French Third Republic
Dee'd21 September 1962(1962-09-21) (aged 80)
Saint-Tropez, Fraunce
BuirialRyal Cemetery, Tatoi Pailace, Greece
SpousePrince George o Greece an Denmark (m. 1907; d. 1957)
IssuePrince Peter
Princess Eugénie
Full name
Marie Bonaparte
FaitherRoland Napoléon Bonaparte, 6t Prince o Canino an Musignano
MitherMarie Félix Blanc
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Marie Bonaparte (2 Julie 1882 – 21 September 1962), kent as Princess George o Greece an Denmark upon her mairiage, wis a French author an psychoanalyst, closely linked wi Sigmund Freud. Her wealth contreibutit tae the popularity o psychoanalysis, an enabled Freud's escape frae Nazi Germany. Marie Bonaparte wis a great-grandniece o Emperor Napoleon I o France. She wis the ay bairn an dochter o Roland Napoléon Bonaparte, 6t Prince o Canino an Musignano an Marie Félix Blanc. Her paternal grandfaither wis Prince Pierre Napoleon Bonaparte, son o Lucien Bonaparte, 1st Prince o Canino an Musignano, Napoleon's rebellious younger brither. For this reason, despite her teetle Marie wis nae a member o the dynastic branch o the Bonapartes who claimed the French imperial throne frae exile. Her maternal grandfather wis François Blanc, the principal property developer o Monte Carlo. It wis frae this side o her faimily that Marie inheritit her great fortune