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Marie Angélique de Scorailles
Duchess o Fontanges
Estampes par Nicolas de Larmessin Marie Angélique de Scorailles, duchesse de Fontanges.jpg
The Duchess o Fontages bi Nicolas de Larmessin.
Full name
Marie Angélique de Scorailles
Born Julie 1661
Château de Cropières, Auvergne, Fraunce
Dee'd 28 Juin 1681 (aged 19)
Aibey o Port Royal, Fraunce
Faither Jean Rigal de Scorrailles, Lord o Scorailles
Mither Éléonore de Plas

Marie Angélique de Scorailles (Julie 1661 – 28 Juin 1681) kent as Mademoiselle de Fontanges wis a French noblewoman an bi 1679 wis a mistress o Keeng Louis XIV. Introduced tae the French ryl court as a lady-in-waiting tae Elisabeth Charlotte o the Palatinate, Duchess o Orléans, "Madame" (the sister-in-law o Louis XIV) In Januar 1680, Marie gae birth prematurely tae a stillborn son. She wis then said tae hae been "wounded in the service"." The keeng bestowed on her the title Duchess o Fontanges wi a lairge pension. houiver, bi this time Louis began tae tire o her. Still sick, sufferin frae serious bluid loss syne the birth, she retired tae the Abbey o Chelles, an did nae appear at coort again. She wad die at the Abbey o Port Royal in Paris.

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