Maricopa Coonty, Arizona

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Maricopa County, Arizona
County of Maricopa[1]
Maricopa County Courthouse October 6 2013 Phoenix Arizona 2816x2112 Rear.JPG
The Maricopa Coonty Admeenistrative Biggin in 2013
Banner o Maricopa County, Arizona
Seal o Maricopa County, Arizona
Cairt o Arizona heichlichtin Maricopa County
Location in the U.S. state o Arizona
Cairt o the Unitit States heichlichtin Arizona
Arizona's location in the U.S.
FoonditFebruary 14, 1871
Lairgest ceetyPhoenix
 • Tot9,224 sq mi (23,890 km2)
 • Laund9,200 sq mi (23,828 km2)
 • Watter24 sq mi (62 km2), 0.3%
Population (est.)
 • (2015)4,167,947
 • Density453/sq mi (175/km²)
Congressional destricts1st, 3rd, 4t, 5t, 6t, 7t, 8t, 9t
Time zoneMountain

Maricopa County (/ˌmærˈkpə/ MARR-i-KOH-pə) is a coonty locatit in the sooth-central pairt o the U.S. state o Arizona. As o the 2010 census, its population wis 3,817,117,[2] makkin it the maist populous coonty in the state, an the fowert-maist populous in the Unitit States. It is mair populous nor 23 states. The coonty seat is Phoenix,[3] the state caipital an saxt-maist populous ceety in the kintra.

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Coordinates: 33°30′50″N 112°28′33″W / 33.51389°N 112.47583°W / 33.51389; -112.47583