Mariana o Austrick

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Mariana o Austrick
Marie-Anne d'Autriche, reine d'Espagne.jpg
1660 portrait bi Velázquez.
Queen consort o Spain
Tenur 7 October 1649 – 17 September 1665
Born 24 December 1634(1634-12-24)
Wiener Neustadt, HRE
Dee'd 16 Mey 1696(1696-05-16) (aged 61)
Uceda Pailace, Madrid, Spain
Buirial El Escorial
Spouse Philip IV o Spain
Issue Margaret Theresa, Haly Roman Empress
Infanta Maria Ambrosia
Philip Prospero, Prince o Asturias
Charles II, Keeng o Spain
Full name
Maria Anna
Hoose Habsburgs o Austrick (bi birth)
Habsburgs o Spain (bi mairiage)
Faither Ferdinand III, Haly Roman Emperor
Mither Maria Anna o Austrick
Releegion Roman Catholic
Coat of Arms of Mariana of Austria, Queen Consort of Spain.svg

Mariana o Austrick (Maria Anna; 24 December 1634 – 16 May 1696) wis Queen o Spain frae 1649 until her husband Philip IV died in 1665. She was appointed regent for their three-year-old son Charles II o Spain an due tae his ill health remained an influential figure until her own daith in 1696. Though baptised with the names "Maria Anna" she is best kent bi the spangie variation o her name which is "Mariana" She wis the mither o the last last Habsburg keeng o Spain. She wis also painted bi Velázquez.

Childer[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Margarita Teresa o Austrick, Infanta o Spain (12 Julie 1651 – 12 Mairch 1673), first wife o Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor
  2. Maria Ambrosia de la Concepción o Austrick, Infanta o Spain (7 December 1655 – 21 December 1655) died young.
  3. Felipe Próspero o Austrick, Infante o Spain, Prince o Asturias (28 November 1657 – 1 November 1661) died in infancy.
  4. Fernando Tomás Carlos o Austrick, Infante o Spain (23 December 1658 – 22 October 1659) died in infancy.
  5. Charles II o Spain (6 November 1661 – 1 November 1700) mairit (1) Marie Louise d'Orléans but nae childer, mairit (2) Maria Anna o Neuburg but haed nae childer. Last o the Habsburgs o Spain.

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