Marian ceevil war

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Marian Ceevil War
Edinburgh Siege 1573.jpg
Widcut o the Siege o Edinburgh Castle held for Mary in 1573, frae Holinshed's Chronicles (1577)
DateMey 1568 – 28 Mey 1573
LocationKinrick o Scotland
Result Veectory for supporters o Keeng James VI
Queen's Men Keeng's Men
Commanders an leaders
Duke of Châtellerault
Yerl o Huntly
Laird Fleming, Dumbarton
William Kirkcaldy, Edinburgh
Adam Gordon, North
Regent Moray
Regent Lennox
Regent Mar
Regent Morton
William Drury, Inglis airmy

The Marian ceevil war in Scotland (1568–1573) wis a period o conflict that follaed the abdication o Mary, Queen o Scots, an her escape frae Loch Leevin Castle in Mey 1568.