Maria o Hungary

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Maria o Austrick
Woman wearing a dark brown dress and a tan head covering
Portrait by Jan Cornelisz Vermeyen at The Linsky Collection
Queen consort o Hungary]] an Bohemie
Tenur22 July 1515 – 29 August 1526
Coronation11 December 1521 (Hungary)
1 June 1522 (Bohemia)
Governor of the Habsburg Netherlands
TenurJanuar 1531 – October 1555
Born15 September 1505
Dee'd18 October 1558(1558-10-18) (aged 53)
BuirialEl Escorial
SpouseLouis II o Hungary
HooseHoose o Habsburg
FaitherPhilip I o Castile
MitherJoanna o Castile
SeegnaturMaria o Austrick's signature

Mary of Austrick (15 September 1505 – 18 October 1558), also kent as Maria o Hungary or Mary, wis queen consort o Hungary an o Bohemie as wife o Keeng Louis II, an wis later Governor o the Habsburg Netherlands.