Maria Theresa o Austrick-Este (1773-1832)

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Maria Theresa o Austrick-Este
Maria Theresa of Austria-Este, miniature.png
Undated miniature o Maria Theresa bi an unknown artist.
Queen consort o Sardinie
Tenur4 Juin1802 – 12 Mairch 1821
Born1 November 1773(1773-11-01)
Ryal Pailace, Milan
Dee'd29 Mairch 1832(1832-03-29) (aged 58)
Geneva, Switzerland
BuirialBasilica o Superga, Turin
SpouseVictor Emmanuel I o Sardinie
IssueMaria Beatrice, Duchess o Modena
Maria Teresa, Duchess o Parma
Maria Anna, Empress o Austrick
Maria Cristina, Queen o the Twa Sicilies
Full name
Maria Theresia Josefa Johanna
HooseAustrick-Este (birth)
Savoy (marriage)
FaitherFerdinand Karl, Airchduke o Austrick-Este
MitherMaria Beatrice d'Este, Duchess o Massa
ReleegionRoman Catholicism

Maria Theresa o Austrick-Este (Maria Theresia Josefa Johanna; 1 November 1773 – 29 Mairch 1832) wis the wife o Victor Emmanuel I o Sardinie. She wis Duchess o Aosta frae her 1789 mairiage tae 1802.

Mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

Maria Theresa mairit on 25 Aprile 1789 at the age of 15 with the 29-year-old Victor Emmanuel, Duke o Aosta future King Victor Emmanuel I. Their relationship wis a happy one. She wis a good friend o Marie Clotilde o Fraunce, the childless consort o Charles Emmanuel, Prince o Piedmont. She wis aa close to the Duchess o Chablais. At the time o her mairiage, her spoose wis the Duke o Aosta aa such she wis styled aa Her Ryal Highness the Duchess o Aosta till she became Queen. The couple haed six daughters an ane son, who died young. Upon the invasion o Savoy bi Napoleon in 1798, she left with her faimilie first tae Tuscany an then tae Sardinie.

Issue[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Princess Maria Beatrice o Savoy ( 6 December 1792 – 15 September 1840) mairit Francis IV, Duke o Modena an haed issue.
  1. Princess Maria Teresa o Savoy (19 September 1803 – 16 Julie 1879) mairit Charles II, Duke o Parma an haed issue.
  2. Princess Maria Anna o Savoy ( 19 September 1803 – 4 Mey 1884) mairit Emperor Ferdinand I o Austrick but haed nae issue.
  3. Princess Maria Cristina o Savoy (14 November 1812 – 21 Januar 1836) Keeng Ferdinand II o the Twa Sicilies an haed issue.

Teetles an styles[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • 1 November 1773 – 25 Aprile 1789Her Ryal Highness Airchduchess Maria Theresa o Austrick-Este, Princess o Modena.
  • 25 April 1789 – 4 Juin 1802Her Ryal Highness The Duchess o Aosta.
  • 4 June 1802 – 12 Mairch 1821Her Majesty The Queen o Sardinie.
  • 12 Mairch 1821 – 29 Mairch 1832Her Majesty Queen Maria Theresa o Sardinie.
    • Jacobite: 6 October 1819 – 10 Januar 1824Her Majesty The Queen of Ingland, Scotland, France an Ireland.
    • Jacobite: 10 Januar 1824 – 29 Januar 1824Her Majesty Queen Maria Theresa o Ingland, Scotland an Ireland.
    • Jacobite: 29 Januar 1824 – Mairch 1832Her Majesty The Queen Dowager o Ingland, Scotland an Ireland.

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