Maria Swanenburg

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Maria Swanenburg
Drawin o Goeie Mie
BornMaria Catherina Swanenburg
9 September 1839(1839-09-09)
Leiden, Netherlands
Dee'd11 Apryle 1915(1915-04-11) (aged 75)
Gorinchem, Netherlands
Criminal penalty
Life impreesonment
Span o killins
Date apprehendit
December 1883

Maria Catherina Swanenburg (Leiden 9 September 1839 - Gorinchem 11 Apryle 1915) wis a Dutch serial killer, who murthert at least 27, an wis suspectit o killin mair nor 90 fowk.

Swanenburg wis the dochter o Clemens Swanenburg an Johanna Dingjan. Efter her first twa dochters dee'd at a young age, she marriet Johannes van der Linden on 13 Mey 1868. The result o this marriage wis five sons an twa dochters. The marriage lastit till 29 Januar 1886. Her elk-name wis Goeie Mie, spelt as Goede Mie in modren Dutch an aw (which translates as Good Mee) which she got for takkin care o childer an ill fowk in the poor neebourheid o Leiden in which she livit.

It wis established wi certainty she pushiont at least 102 fowk wi arsenic o which 27 dee'd atween 1880 an 1883. The investigation includit mair nor ninety suspicious daiths. Fowerty-five o the survivors sustained chronic heal problems efter ingestin the pushion. Swanenburg's motive wis the money she wad receive aither throu the victims' insurance or thair inheritance. She haed secured maist o the insurance policies hersel. Her first victim wis her awn mither in 1880; shortly efter this, she killed her faither too. She wis caucht when tryin tae pushion the Frankhuizen faimily in December 1883. Her trial began on 23 Aprile 1885. Maria Swanenburg wis foond guilty o murther o her last three victims an sentencit tae live in a correctional facility for the rest o her life. She dee'd thare in 1915.

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