Maria Sophie o Neuburg

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Maria Sophie o Neuburg
Maria Sophia Palatina; Lusitanorum Regis conjux - Peter Schenck (1660-1711).png
Engraving o Queen Maria Sophie.
Queen consort o Portugal
Ring 11 August 1687 – 4 August 1699
Born 6 August 1666(1666-08-06)
Schloss Benrath, Düsseldorf
Dee'd 4 August 1699(1699-08-04) (aged 32)
Ribeira Pailace, Lisbon, Portugal
Buirial São Vicente de Fora, Lisbon, Portugal
Spouse Peter II
Issue João, Prince o Brazil
John V, Keeng o Portugal
Francisco, Duke o Beja
Infante António
Manuel, Coont o Ourém
Infanta Francisca Josefa
Full name
Maria Sophie Elisabeth
Hoose Wittelsbach bi birth)
Braganza (bi mairiage)
Faither Philip William, Elector Palatine
Mither Elisabeth Amalie o Hesse-Darmstadt
Releegion Roman Catholicism

Maria Sophie o Neuburg (German: Maria Sophie Elisabeth; 6 August 1666 – 4 August 1699) wis queen of Portugal is the wife o Keeng Peter II from 1687 until her daith in 1699. A popular queen, she was noted for her extraordinary generosity and for being the mither o the extravagant Keeng John V o Portugal. She wis kent in Portugal as Maria Sofia. Her sisters included Empress Eleonore Magdalene (wife o Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor) as well as the last wife o Charles II o Spain Maria Anna o Neuburg an the Duchess o Parma. Her niece Maria Anna o Austrick wis he wife o John V o Portugal.

Mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

her proxy marriage on 2 July 1687 in Heidelberg, Maria Sophie left her native Germany the following August. She travelled up the Rhine to receive the honours so all coorts along the river. At Brila, Maria Sophia embarked on an Inglish yacht that wis put at her disposal bi order o James II o Ingland. She was accompanied bi an Inglis fleet that travelled tae Plymouth with the Duke o Grafton, son of the late Charles II o Ingland. The new queen arrived in Lisbon 12 August 1687.

Childer[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. João o Portugal, Prince o Brazil, Duke o Braganza (30 August 1688 – 17 September 1688) died young.
  2. João V o Portugal 22 October 1689 – 31 Julie 1750) Keeng o Portugal. Mairit Maria Anna o Austrick an haed childer.
  3. Infante Francisco o Portugal, Duke o Beja (25 Mey 1691 – 21 Julie 1742) Duke o Beja, died unmairit but haed illegitimate childer.
  4. Infante Antonio o Portugal (15 Mairch 1695 – 20 October 1757) died unmairit an haed nae childer.
  5. Infanta Teresa Maria o Portugal (24 Februar 1696 – 16 Februar 1704) died young.
  6. Infante Manuel o Portugal, Coont o Ourém (3 August 1697 – 3 August 1766) Coont o Ourém, died unmairit.
  7. Infanta Francisca Josefa o Portugal (30 Januar 1699 – 15 Julie 1736) died unmairit an haed nae childer.
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Teetles an styles[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • 6 August 1666 - 11 August 1687 Her Serene Highness Princess Marie Sophie o Neuburg.
  • 11 August 1687 – 4 August 1699 Her Majesty The Queen o Portugal an the Algarves

Maria Sophie o Neuburg
Born: 6 August 1666 Dee'd: 4 August 1699


Precedit bi
Maria Francisca o Savoy
Queen consort o Portugal
Title next held by
Maria Anna o Austrick