Maria Anna o Austrick (1606-1646)

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Maria Anna o Austrick
Maria Ana de Austria - Mariana.jpg
Maria Anna ("Mariana") bi an unknown artist.
Queen consort o Portugal
Tenur 27 October 1708 – 31 Julie 1750
Born 7 September 1683(1683-09-07)
Linz, Austrick
Dee'd 14 August 1754(1754-08-14) (aged 70)
Belém Pailace, Lisbon, Portugal
Spouse John V o Portugal
Issue Maria Barbara, Queen o Spain
Pedro, Prince o Brazil
Joseph, Keeng o Portugal
Peter III, Keeng o Portugal
Full name
Maria Anna Josepha Antonia Regina
Hoose Habsburgs o Austrick (bi birth)
Braganza (bi mairiage)
Faither Leopold I, Haly Roman Emperor
Mither Eleonore Magdalene o Neuburg
Seegnatur Maria Anna o Austrick's signature

Maria Anna o Austrick, Airchduchess o Austrick (Maria Anna Josepha Antonia Regina; 7 September 1683 – 14 August 1754) wis Queen consort o Portugal as wife o Keeng John V o Portugal. She was Regent o Portugal frae 1742 until 1750 during the illness o John V. In Portugal she wis kent as "Mariana". She wis a sister o Joseph I, Haly Roman Emperor an Charles VI, Haly Roman Emperor, an thus aunt o the future Empress Maria Theresa.

Faimilie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Maria Anna wis a daughter o Eleonore Magdalene o Neuburg an her husband Leopold I, Haly Roman Emperor. Her mither wis a sister o Queen Maria Sophie o Portugal an the Duchess o Parma (making Maria Anna a first cousin o Elisabeth Farnese) Another maternal aunt wis Maria Anna o Neuburg (Queen o Spain as wife o Charles II o Spain.

Mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

On 27 October 1708 Maria Anna o Austrick mairit John V o Portugal to seal the alliance between the twa countries against Bourbon Fraunce an Spain during the War o the Spaingie Succession. She was subsequently Queen of Portugal until his death on 31 July 1750. During her queenship, she acted as regent during times o her husband's illness.

Childer[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Barbara o Portugal (4 December 1711 – 27 August 1758) mairit Ferdinand VI o Spain but haed nae childer.
  2. Pedro o Portugal, Prince o Brazil (19 October 1712 – 24 October 1714),
  3. Joseph I o Portugal (6 Juin 1714 – 24 Februar 1777), mairit Mariana Victoria o Spain an haed childer.
  4. Infante Carlos o Portugal (2 Mey 1716 – 30 Mairch 1720), died in infancy.
  5. Peter III o Portugal (5 Julie 1717 – 25 Mey 1786), mairit Maria I o Portugal an haed childer.
  6. Infante Alexandre o Portugal (24 September 1723 – 2 August 1728), died young.

Teetles an styles[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • 7 September 1683 – 27 October 1708 Her Ryal Highness Airchduchess Maria Anna o Austrick.
  • 27 October 1708 – 31 Julie 1750 Her Most Faithful Majesty The Queen o Portugal an the Algarves.
  • 31 Julie 1750 – 14 August 1754 Her Most Faithful Majesty The Queen Mither o Portugal an the Algarves.

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