Marguerite o Fraunce (1553-1615)

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Marguerite o Fraunce
1572 portrait o Keeng Henri an Queen Marguerite.
Queen consort o Fraunce
Tenur 2 August 1589 – 17 December 1599
Queen consort o Navarre
Tenur 18 August 1572 – 17 December 1599
Born 14 May 1553
Château de Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Fraunce
Dee'd 27 Mairch 1615(1615-03-27) (aged 61)
Hostel de la Reyne Margueritte, Paris, France
Buirial Ryal Basilica, Paris, Fraunce
Spouse Henry IV o Fraunce (m. 1572; annulled 1599)
Full name
Marguerite de France
Hoose Valois (bi birth)
Bourbon (bi mairiage)
Faither Henry II o Fraunce
Mither Catherine de' Medici
Releegion Roman Catholicism
Seegnatur Marguerite o Fraunce's signature
CoA of Marguerite of France.png

Marguerite o Fraunce (14 Mey 1553 – 27 Mairch 1615) wis a member o the Hoose o Valois an a daughter o Keeng Henry II o Fraunce an his wife Catherine de' Medici. She mairit Keeng Henry o Navarre (Henri de Bourbon, later Keeng Henri IV o Fraunce). She wis kent Queen Margot an is aa incorrectly cried "Margaret o Valois". She head nae childer, an her husband would later mairy Marie de' Medici. She wis also a sister o the last Valois keengs o France : keengs Francis II an Charles IX. Francis II wis mairit tae Mary, Queen o Scots. She wis named in honour o her maternal aunt Marguerite o Fraunce, Duchess o Savoy (daughter o Francis I o Fraunce an wife o Emmanuel Philibert, Duke o Savoy.

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