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Marg‘ilon / Марғилон
Khonakhan Mosque
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Coordinates: 40°28′16″N 71°43′29″E / 40.47111°N 71.72472°E / 40.47111; 71.72472
Kintra Uzbekistan
ProvinceFergana Province
 • Total197,000

Margilan (Uzbek: Marg‘ilon / Марғилон; Roushie: Маргилан) is a ceety (2009 pop 197,000) in Fergana Province in eastren Uzbekistan. It is locatit at latitude 40°28' 16 N: langitude 71°43' 29 E. at a altitude o 487 metres.

Accordin tae European legend, Margilan wis foondit bi Alexander the Great. On a lunch stap, he wis gien chicken (murgh; in Persie مرغ) an breid (nan; in Persie نان), frae which the toun teuk its name. Mair reliable records indicate that Margilan wis a important stap on the Silk Road bi the 9t century AD, alang the route goin athort the Alay Muntains tae Kashgar. A semple majority o population in Margilan are ethnic Tajiks, who awtho primarily Persie speakers, uise Uzbek as easy.

Writin in the early 16t century, the foonder o the Mughal dynasty, Babur, mentioned that “the pomegranates an apricots are superb .... the gemme in Margilan is guid; white deer mey be foond nearbi. The fowk are Sarts. They are a feisty people, ready wi their fists. The custom o exorcism is widespread throuoot Transoxiana, an maist o the renowned exorcists o Samarkand an Bukhara are Margilanis. The author o the Hidaya (Burhan ud-din Ali ben Abu Bakr al-Marghilani) wis frae a Margilan veelage cried Rishtan”.[1] This reputation for toughness extends tae modren times. Margilan merchants wur key players in Central Asie commerce, an wur said tae be a law untae thairsels durin Soviet days, when Margilan wis the hert o Uzbekistan’s black mercat. Margilan the day is a stranghauld o conservative Islam an aw.

Economy[eedit | eedit soorce]

The toun is the location o Uzbekistan’s lairgest tradeetional silk factory, the Yodgorlik Silk Factory. Employin ower 2,000 wirkers, iverything is done in the tradeetional manner, for an annual ootput o some 250,000 square metres o heichlie premium silk cloth

The neebourin Margilan Silk Factory employs 15,000 wirkers uisin modren machinery, an produces some 22 million square metres per year. It is uncertain when the secrets o silk production came tae the Fergana Glen, but certainly, Margilan haes been active in the industrie syne auncient times.

Main sichts[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Said Akhmad Khodja Madrasseh – functionin 19t century schuil
  • Toron Mosque – smaw 19t-century mosque in Fergana style.
  • A statue honourin ill-fatit Uzbek dancer Nurkhon wis biggit an placit in Margilan in Soviet times, but it wis taken doun shortly efter the distestablishment o the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic in 1991.[2]

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