Margaret Mitchell

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Margaret Mitchell
Margaret Mitchell NYWTS.jpg
Born Margaret Munnerlyn Mitchell
8 November 1900(1900-11-08)
Atlanta, Georgie, Unitit States
Dee'd 16 August 1949(1949-08-16) (aged 48)
Grady Memorial Hospital, Atlanta, Georgie
Pen name Margaret Mitchell
Thrift Jurnalist, author
Genre Romance novelle, Historical feection
Notable warks Gane wi the Wind
Lost Laysen
Notable awairds Pulitzer Prize for Feection (1937)
Naitional Beuk Awaird (1936)

Berrien Kinnard Upshawer (1922–1924; divorced)

John Robert Marsh (1925–1949; widower)


Margaret Munnerlyn Mitchell (November 8, 1900 – August 16, 1949) wis an American author an jurnalist. Ane novelle bi Mitchell wis published during her lifetime, the American Ceevil War-era novelle, Gane wi the Wind, for which she won the Naitional Beuk Awaird for Maist Distinguished Novelle o 1936.[1]

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