Margaret Campbell, Duchess o Argyll

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Margaret, Duchess o Argyll
Margaret Duchess of Argyll crop.jpg
BornEthel Margaret Whigham
1 December 1912(1912-12-01)
Newton Mearns, Renfrewshire, Scotland
Died25 Julie 1993(1993-07-25) (aged 80)
Restin place
Brookwood Seemetry,
Surrey, Ingland
Coordinates: 51°17′52″N 0°37′54″W / 51.29783°N 0.63162°W / 51.29783; -0.63162
Hauf-marrae(s)Charles Sweeny (m. 1933–1947)
Ian Douglas Campbell, 11t Duke o Argyll (m. 1951–1963)

Ethel Margaret Campbell, Duchess o Argyll (née Whigham; 1 December 1912 – 25 Julie 1993) wis a Breetish socialite, best remembered for a celebratit divorce case in 1963[1] frae her seicont husband, the 11t Duke o Argyll, that featurt salacious photographs an scandalous stories.[2]

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