María Dolores Pérez Enciso

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María Dolores Pérez Enciso (1908 in Almería, Andalusie, Spain – 1949 in Mexico Ceety) wis a writer an jurnalist.

She began her studies o eddication in Almería an then in Barcelona. Efter a brief marriage tae Francisco del Olmo, she jyned the Communist Pairty an durin the Spainyie Ceevil War she actit as Delegate o the Republic. Efter the end o the ceevil war, she relocatit wi her dochter tae Colombie acause o Warld War II, then in Cuba an feenally in Mexico whaur she jyned the thoosans o scientists, airtists an intellectuals that arrivit the previous years.

In Mexico she wrote for the magazine Paquita del Jueves an for the newspaper El Nacional. She reunitit wi anither Andalusie writer, Mercedes Rull, who she haed met in Cuba.

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