Máel Coluim II, Yerl o Fife

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Máel Coluim II mac Donnchaidh Mac Duibh
(Malcolm II, son o Duncan, Macduff)
Maolcholuim II of Fife in Bower.jpg
The Mormaer o Fife as depictit at the inauguration o Alexander III in a late medieval manuscript o Walter Bower's Scotichronicon.
BornEarly 13t century
Ither namesMaol-Choluim or Malcolm II o Fife
TitleMormaer ("Yerl") o Fife
PredecessorMáel Coluim I
Hauf-marrae(s)Elen ferch Llywelyn
ChilderColbán; unkent son stylled MacDuibh ("Macduff")

Máel Coluim II (or Maol Choluim II or Malcolm II),[1] wis a 13t-century Mormaer o Fife that ruled the mormaerdom or yerldom o Fife atween 1228 an 1266.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. He is whiles called Malcolm, "6t Yerl o Fife, "7t Yerl o Fife" or "8t Yerl o Fife"; thir styles are baith anachronistic an, besides, inaccurate, syne the earliest yerls are nae recordit.
Precedit bi
Máel Coluim I
Mormaer o Fife
Succeedit bi