Manuel I Komnenos

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Manuel I Komnenos
Emperor o the Byzantine Empire
Manuel I Comnenus.jpg
Manuscript miniatur o Manuel I (pairt o double portrait wi Maria o Antioch, Vatican Library, Roum)
Ring5 Aprile 1143 – 24 September 1180
PredecessorJohn II Komnenos
SuccessorAlexios II Komnenos
Born28 November 1118(1118-11-28)
Dee'd24 September 1180(1180-09-24) (aged 61)
SpouseBertha o Sulzbach
Maria o Antioch
IssueMaria Komnene
Alexios II Komnenos
FaitherJohn II Komnenos
MitherIrene o Hungary

Manuel I Komnenos (or Comnenus; Greek: Μανουήλ Α' Κομνηνός, Manouēl I Komnēnos; 28 November 1118 – 24 September 1180) wis a Byzantine Emperor o the 12t century who reigned ower a crucial turnin pynt in the history o Byzantium an the Mediterranean.