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Manchukuo (1932–1934)
滿洲國 or 满洲国  Mǎnzhōuguó  (Cheenese)
満州国  Manshū-koku  (Japanese)

(Great) Empire o Manchukuo (1934–1945)
(大)滿洲帝國 or (大)满洲帝国
(Dà) Mǎnzhōu Dìguó  (Cheenese)
(大)満州帝国  (Dai) Manshū Teikoku  (Japanese)
Puppet state o the Empire o Japan

Banner Imperial Seal
Naitional Anthem o Manchukuo
Location o Manchukuo (reid) within Imperial Japan's sphere o influence.
Caipital Hsinking (Changchun)
(till August 9, 1945)
Tonghua (Linjiang)
(till August 18, 1945)
Leids Japanese
Manchu (unoffeecial)[1]
Government Single-pairty state unner constitutional monarchy
Chief Executive
 -  1932–1934 Aisin-Gioro Puyi
 -  1934–1945 Kangde (Aisin-Gioro Puyi)
Prime Meenister
 -  1932–1935 Zheng Xiaoxu
 -  1935–1945 Zhang Jinghui
Legislatur Legislative Cooncil
Historical era Interbellum · Warld War II
 -  Proclaimed 18 February 1932
 -  Disestablished August 1945
Siller Manchukuo yuan
The day pairt o  Cheenae

Manchukuo (tradeetional Cheenese: 滿洲國; semplifee'd Cheenese: 满洲国; pinyin: Mǎnzhōuguó; Japanese: 滿洲国; literally: "State o Manchurie") wis a puppet state in Northeast Cheenae an Inner Mongolie, which wis govrened unner a form o constitutional monarchy.

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Coordinates: 43°53′N 125°19′E / 43.883°N 125.317°E / 43.883; 125.317