Mammoth Cave Naitional Pairk

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Mammoth Cave Naitional Pairk
IUCN category II (naitional pairk)
The Rotunda Ruim at Mammoth Cave
Map shawin the location o Mammoth Cave Naitional Pairk
Map shawin the location o Mammoth Cave Naitional Pairk
Location Edmonson, Hart, an Barren coonties, Kentucky, U.S.
Nearest ceety Brownsville
Aurie 52,830 acres (21,380 ha)[1]
Established Julie 1, 1941
Veesitors 508,054 (in 2012)[2]
Govrenin body National Park Service
Teep Naitural
Criterie vii, viii, x
Designatit 1981 (5t session)
Reference no. 150
State Pairty  Unitit States
Region Europe an North Americae

Mammoth Cave Naitional Pairk is a U.S. naitional pairk in central Kentucky, encompassin portions o Mammoth Cave, the langest cave seestem kent in the warld.

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