Mammoth Cave Naitional Pairk

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Mammoth Cave Naitional Pairk
IUCN category II (naitional pairk)
The Rotunda Ruim at Mammoth Cave
Map showing the location of Mammoth Cave Naitional Pairk
Map showing the location of Mammoth Cave Naitional Pairk
Location Edmonson, Hart, an Barren coonties, Kentucky, U.S.
Nearest city Brownsville
Aurie 52,830 acres (21,380 ha)[1]
Established Julie 1, 1941
Veesitors 508,054 (in 2012)[2]
Govrenin body National Park Service
Teep Naitural
Criteria vii, viii, x
Designatit 1981 (5t session)
Reference no. 150
State Pairty  Unitit States
Region Europe an North Americae

Mammoth Cave Naitional Pairk is a U.S. naitional pairk in central Kentucky, encompassin portions o Mammoth Cave, the langest cave seestem kent in the warld.

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