Maltae naitional fitbaw team

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Nickname(s) Knights o Maltae, Ħomor (Reds), Falcons
Association Malta Fitbaa Association
Confederation UEFA (Europe)
Heid coach Pietro Ghedin
Caiptain Michael Mifsud
Maist kaips David Carabott (121)
Tap scorer Michael Mifsud (38)
Hame stadium Ta' Qali Stadium
First colours
Second colours
FIFA rankin
Current 132
Heichest 66 (September 1994)
Lawest 173 (Julie 2011)
Elo rankin
Current 151
Heichest 98 (Februar 1992)
Lawest 164 (October 2001)
First international
Maltae Maltae 2–3 Austrick 
(Gżira, Maltae; Februar 24, 1957)
Biggest win
Maltae Maltae 7–1 Liechtenstein 
(Ta' Qali, Maltae; Mairch 26, 2008)
Biggest defeat
 Spain 12–1 Maltae Maltae
(Seville, Spain; December 21, 1983)

The Maltae naitional fitbaw team represents Maltae in internaitional fitbaw an is controlled bi the Maltae Fitbaa Association. Maltae played its first internaitional gemme on 24 Februar 1957 against Austrick, an began competin for qualification tae major tournaments in 1962. The side's first competitive victory arrived in 1975 against Greece. Considered tae be ane o the weaker sides in Europe, Maltae haes never made it tae the finals o ony major internaitional competition. Thay hae however never ranked at the bottom o the FIFA Warld Rankins, while gettin as heich as 66t in the tap 100.