Mall of America

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Mall of America
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The Mall of America logo
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The entrance tae Mall of America.
Alternative namesMoA
General information
TeepShapping centre
Address60 East Broadway, Bloomington, Minnesota, Unitit States 55425
Coordinates44°51′15″N 93°14′32″W / 44.85417°N 93.24222°W / 44.85417; -93.24222Coordinates: 44°51′15″N 93°14′32″W / 44.85417°N 93.24222°W / 44.85417; -93.24222
OpeninAugust 11, 1992; 27 years ago (1992-08-11)
AinerTriple Five Group
Technical details
Fluir coont4 on East an Sooth Weengs
3 on North an Wast Weengs
Fluir aurie2,500,000 sq ft (230,000 m2) + 5,400,000 sq ft (500,000 m2)
Design an construction
Airchitectur firmHGA, KKE Architects, Inc., Jerde Partnership[1]
Main contractorMelvin Simon & Associates
Triple Five Group
Ither information
Nummer o stores500+
Nummer o anchors3
Parkin12,287 spaces
(Two 7-story ramps and two overflow surface lots)

The Mall of America (commonly, locally kent as "MOA") is a shappin centre locatit in Bloomington, Minnesota, Unitit States (a suburb o the Twin Ceeties).

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